(Plus 1 additional doozy of a reason)

Actually, there aren’t really a top 9 reasons for making a life decision like this – or 3, or 7, or 5.

Everyone is unique and has their own particular top reasons for choosing a place like Cancun to spend their winters or retirement years.

Some are so obvious that we shouldn’t even need to place them in the list, such as the beautiful climate with year-round sunshine, the sparkling Caribbean waters and the white sand beaches.

But there are plenty of other things to take into account, especially when we consider living (as opposed to staying) somewhere for months at a time.

In the list below, we’ll explore some of those considerations. In particular, we’ll highlight the advantages and attractions that for many give the edge to Cancun over the many other wonderful communities on the Riviera Maya and throughout Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.

So here we go, in no particular order (that’s up to you)…

Easy to get to

Cancun has the only international airport on Mexico’s Caribbean coast. People living in the more far-flung communities in the region must drive as much as 3 hours to get to the airport, but in Cancun you won’t have that problem. There are direct flights to Toronto, Montreal and Calgary and charter flights to other cities depending on the season. Many snowbirds find that with so many inexpensive options they can comfortably fly back and forth several times a year, plus enjoy frequent visits by their family.

Family oriented

Cancun is perfect for keeping every generation of your family delighted when they come to visit. Beyond the beach and the pool, there are a host of special attractions for kids, jungle tours and excursions and boat trips for the whole family, and nightlife and world-class dining for the adults of all ages. So yes, maybe you can please everyone all the time, after all.

Center of it all

The Yucatan Peninsula is an enchanting region, with beautiful, secluded spots along the coast and tucked away into the jungle. With Cancun as your base, you can visit any of them within a day’s drive at most. With so many options for getaway trips, you’ll find yourselves venturing out frequently to explore the region’s coastlines, islands and archaeological sites hidden away in the jungle.


Cancun is a growing, well-governed, safe city, and that brings many benefits to homebuyers. Thanks to its size and attraction, Cancun has enjoyed a sustained boom in development, not only in hotels but in residential projects such as Taina and Alzia. Luxury homes can be had for as little as $200,000, while Cancun’s place as Mexico’s leading beach destination guarantees excellent long-term appreciation.

Lots to do…

There are days when all you want to do is lie in the hammock with a good book. But what about the times when you want some excitement, or you have visitors to entertain? You’ll never be at a loss for something to do in Cancun, or where to take your family when they come to visit. You’re in a vibrant, fun-filled vacation destination with all the activities and attractions you’d expect from Mexico’s #1 beach resort, from watersports to nature treks to dining out. And it’s a golfer’s paradise, with more than a dozen excellent courses very nearby. For avid golfers, this alone will be at or near the top of your list.

…or doing nothing

Of course, there will be many a day when what you really want to do is absolutely nothing. Step back from the main tourist area and you’re in the perfect place to achieve that goal: Relax in the peace & quiet of your corner of paradise, chill by the pool, enjoy the lush gardens. You’ve earned it.


The smaller towns on Mexico’s Caribbean coast are charming, and life there can seem idyllic. But you can run out of things to do pretty quickly. One of the many advantages of living in a city the size of Cancun is the enormous number of cultural events and courses available from schools, colleges, private tutors and institutions. Languages, cooking, painting, bird watching, music, Mayan culture and archaeology, nutrition and wellness – the list is endless.

Health care

Cancun’s health care is world-class. The city boasts the most advanced health care system in southern Mexico, and of any coastal destination in the country. In fact, a growing number of North Americans travel to Cancun specifically for “medical tourism”, taking advantage of the city’s excellent facilities, expert health care professionals, low wait times and accessible costs. There are seven hospitals and a multitude of specialized health and dental clinics. Only in Cancun will you find this level of quality care, whether it’s for occasional checkups and screenings, ongoing treatments or emergency attention.

Comforts of home

Like other communities in Mexico, Cancun has its share of traditional markets, organic farm produce and the daily catch from local fisherman. But there are times where we really need to get to a major supermarket, or hardware outlet, or Costco, or a Walmart Superstore. Cancun will meet all your needs. From hair salons and boutiques, to gourmet food and wine emporiums, to high end shopping malls. And as you’re in an international resort city, just about everyone you interact with will speak English. While you’ll almost certainly wish to perfect your Spanish, it is quite possible to use English for all your daily needs.

Plus of course…

Sun, Sand & Sea

Ok we said this wasn’t necessary, but it does kind of have to be on just about anybody’s list. Cancun’s year-round, warm, sunny climate is truly idyllic. And we shouldn’t forget the main reason Cancun became the one of the world’s top beach destinations: It has the most beautiful beaches and warm coastal waters anywhere in the Americas.

These are some of the practical and lifestyle considerations that have drawn Canadians and Americans and Europeans to Cancun. There may be just one on the list that is a clincher for you. Or maybe we missed one.

If there’s something we haven’t covered here, please feel free to call or write to us with a question.

And if you live in Cancun and have some advice, please share your thoughts in the Comment section.

– Written by Luke Betts

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